Asset Performance Management and Optimization for Diverse Portfolios

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Assets with Reliable Data and AI-Driven Insights

Our Asset Performance Management solutions aggregate data from a wide variety of sources into one place, empowering you with trusted information and analytical tools to help you achieve your financial and operational objectives. Al-based predictive analytics unlock a proactive approach to asset health management, helping you pinpoint problem areas to ensure optimal portfolio performance.

Asset Performance Management and Optimization for


Asset Managers


One Integrated Platform

Our asset performance management solutions ingest asset data from over 400 interfaces, connecting to site-level PLCs, HMIs, or SCADA systems to deliver clean, trustworthy data from all your assets in one place. Plus, they integrate seamlessly with your other business applications, including financial systems, field service management systems, market pricing data, market weather data, and more.

Asset Hierarchies

Detailed asset hierarchies allow you to drill down to view detail about your assets based on region, asset type, and PPA contract and then roll up to view total generation, dashboards, and KPIs for your entire portfolio.

Role-Based Dashboards

Data, reports, and KPIs are delivered in the context needed for each stakeholder: monitoring data for operators, performance data for performance engineers and analysts, maintenance data for the O&M organization, and business data for asset managers.

Event Management

Visualize trends, monitor large portfolios with a control room-style view, and get notified when commercial and operational issues occur so you can respond faster to equipment underperformance, downtime, and other reliability issues.

Reports & Data Warehouse

Automatically generate standard plant and portfolio reports for performance data, event data, and maintenance data as compared to model/budget.

Performance Analytics

Built-in machine learning and AI help you detect changes or abnormal operations in your clean energy plants. Comes configured with standard metrics such as Availability Factor and Performance Ratio as well as proprietary advanced analytics that provide automated fault detection and performance analysis capabilities.

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“In the past, we didn’t have a system like [Power Factors’ APM], and we relied on the SCADA system of the turbines. Mainly we were processing data into readable formats, and had less time to really do the analysis, to learn from it and try to challenge it. With this system, you just open your browser and you get the insights immediately, shortening the lead time to challenge the service contractor about a technical finding.”

Yannick Huyghebaert, O&M Team Lead WTG