Centralized Monitoring and Control to Reduce OPEX and Increase Asset Availability Fleet-Wide

Data from All Your Sites, OEMs, and Asset Classes in One Place

Deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Central SCADA is a centralized monitoring system (CMS) that offers remote, centralized access to all your plants, integrating events, alarms, and operations control center HMIs into a single interface. This empowers you with tools for monitoring and control as well as grid and market integration for solar, wind, battery, microgrid, and hybrid assets, enabling you to unlock new revenue streams and increase asset availability.

Central Monitoring System for





Resilient Security Standards

Keep operations secure and compliant across geographies with cybersecurity based on ISO 27001 and ISO 27019 standards. Operator actions and control commands are protected with appropriate credentials.

Interoperable & OEM-Agnostic

Our CMS supports monitoring, control, grid, and market integration for solar, wind, battery energy storage, microgrid, and hybrid assets across geographically distributed plants. It connects with any system in place from any vendor.

Mission-Critical Alerts

Minimize equipment downtime with immediate SMS and email notifications for critical alarms. Alarm detection and management are independent from the equipment of the asset.

Shared Cloud-Based Platform

Having your entire portfolio on one unified cloud based platform facilitates efficient collaboration and streamlines workflows, empowering workers, driving maintenance best practices, and improving performance organization-wide.

Next-Gen Monitoring

Our real-time architecture enables the collection, visualization, and storage of raw data from the field to the cloud-based central management system — so you can see more and do more, unlocking new revenue streams.


Compare plant event information across different plants. Cross-plant comparison of all strings, inverters, pyranometers, batteries, meters, and other repetitive sources of asset data has never been easier.

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