Product Spotlight – February 2024

Welcome to the Power Factors Product Spotlight. A roundup of new product features and enhancements designed to give you unparalleled control over your data.

Product Spotlight – February 2024

by Power Factors

Welcome to the Power Factors Product Spotlight. A roundup of new product features and enhancements to existing functionality designed to give you unparalleled control over your data.

February’s new features and enhancements are all about boosting efficiency and flexibility. From offering greater visibility into your field service scheduling, to enhanced reporting capabilities, to improved warranty claims management, here’s a rundown of what’s new: 

New Product Features and Enhancements:

  • Drive O&M – Dispatch Optimization 
  • Drive O&M – Service Reports 
  • BluePoint – Warranty Claims

Drive O&M – Dispatch Optimization 

Our latest enhancements to our Drive O&M field service management solution include our Dispatch Optimization tool—a solution designed to simplify how field service dispatchers manage work order assignments and technician scheduling, resulting in reduced downtime for your operations. 

Efficiency is central to our tool. Using real-time location data, dispatchers can quickly assign the nearest available technician to a job, improving response times. We also provide live traffic information to help plan routes and make technician travel more efficient.  

Dispatch Optimization keeps track of technician skills and qualifications, allowing dispatchers to easily filter to match the skill sets and expertise of service personnel with the task requirements, increasing the likelihood of successful resolution. 

You can also monitor technician utilization rates to more evenly distribute tasks, ensuring a balanced workload across technicians.

Connecting asset performance data with Drive O&M allows you to schedule maintenance proactively, reducing downtime, and extending equipment lifespan. 

Interested in learning more about Dispatch Optimization in Drive O&M? 

*If you’re a Drive O&M customer, reach out to your CSM for more information.

Not a Drive O&M customer? Request a demo. 

Drive O&M – Service Reports 

We understand how critical precise reporting is for effective communication across stakeholders. Our latest Drive O&M feature empowers independent service providers (ISPs) with flexible configuration options for service reports, allowing them to customize their reports to meet their customers’ needs. This customization can help ISPs ensure that asset owners receive a clear and comprehensive overview of their portfolio’s health, tailored precisely to their needs and preferences.  

Leveraging AWS technology, our new Service Reports tool was designed to generate scalable and configurable reports to document maintenance activities performed on Work Orders, including routine inspections, fault repairs, parts consumption, and time tracking, and performance monitoring. Create customized, professional reports without size limitations right in Drive O&M and improve efficiency by sending them directly through the report generation page.

With this new tool, you have the option to generate standalone reports or compile them with inspection reports to provide asset owners with the valuable data and insights they need for informed decision-making. Plus, because the new Service Reports tool is built by us, it eliminates the need for third-party Conga licenses. 

Interested in learning more about Service Reports in Drive O&M? 

*If you’re a Drive O&M customer, check out the following User Guide in the Power Factors Knowledge Base.

Not a Drive O&M customer? Request a demo. 

BluePoint – Warranty Claims 

Our latest enhancement to BluePoint includes an advanced Warranty Management System tailored to meet your needs. Developed specifically with compliance managers and operators in mind, this system is designed to simplify the warranty claims process and address common challenges faced by our customers. 

Gone are the days of dealing with manual processes and scattered spreadsheets. Submitting warranty claims and tracking their statuses is now a straightforward task, right from the BluePoint platform.  

Seamless integration of warranty and insurance claims provides a centralized hub for efficient claims management. You can import existing claims data effortlessly with our user-friendly import functionality, saving time and resources. And the ability to add line items to the warranty claims record for accounting transactions allows for more accurate financial tracking, promoting transparency and accountability.  

Interested in learning more about Warranty Claims in BluePoint? 

*If you’re a BluePoint customer, check out the User Guide in the Power Factors Knowledge Base.

Not a BluePoint customer? Request a demo. 

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