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Working toward one integrated platform for the renewable future

The future requires fully integrated solutions that are:




Monitor, Manage, and Optimize the Performance of Your Renewable Energy Assets

Power Factors’ Drive platform is a cloud-based asset performance management (APM) software solution for renewable assets. Drive empowers owners, operators, and asset managers with tools to monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of renewable energy assets — from operations to reporting to technical asset management.

Drive Pro builds on the data foundation established by the Drive platform to deliver advanced analytic insights that connect stakeholders across all aspects of asset performance management — from plant design to predictive modeling to O&M.

Our asset-centric enterprise asset management (EAM) system, Drive O&M, seamlessly integrates with the Drive platform, connecting operational events, maintenance history, and compliance/contractual requirements for each asset. Automated workflows and failure categorizations help increase asset lifetime value while streamlining O&M processes.



Unlock New Revenue Streams with Monitoring, Control, Grid, and Market Integration for Solar, Wind, Battery, Microgrid, and Hybrid Assets

Unity is a state-of-the-art Hybrid SCADA and real-time big data platform for RES power plants, integrating modern technologies and concepts to maximize capacity and speed, minimize latency and optimize the operation of all controllable assets. The platform provides monitoring, control, grid, and market integration for solar, wind, battery, microgrid, and hybrid assets, allowing capabilities and services that unlock new revenue streams and value.

Deployed locally and centrally, Unity offers unparalleled flexibility and a uniform approach for the operation of RES power plants. The local suite includes the field and plant SCADA, the Power Plant Controller (PPC), and the Grid Integration RTU, effectively implementing extensive controls for seamless grid integration and efficient market participation and offering all the necessary tools for the asset’s operation, performance evaluation and optimization. Centralized in the cloud or on-premise, Unity offers remote access to multiple asset classes, integrating events, alarms, and operations control center HMIs into a single platform for ease of operations and real-time responsiveness.



Scale Your Business with a Suite of Tools for Investors, IPPs, Operators, Developers, and EPCs

Power Factors’ BluePoint commercial asset management platform provides a suite of tools for investors, IPPs, operators, developers, and EPCs to help them scale their business. BluePoint gives you a 360-degree view of your assets, helping you to detect and correct underperforming assets quickly with the help of BluePoint’s central asset registry. Maintain full insight with performance monitoring, financials, and powerful reporting tools.

Maximize scalability and efficiency with automated workflows that enable you to spend more time making real-time decisions and less time verifying data accuracy. Plus, BluePoint’s 50+ connections automatically update data from your monitoring and other software systems, helping you with work orders, schedules, and automatic invoicing. Never miss compliance obligations or contracts again.

To empower seamless collaboration across teams, BluePoint is multi-language — keeping teams of all sizes and locations connected and in sync. With BluePoint, your team has the tools to stay more organized and manage projects smarter. Pipeline management and collaboration has never been easier.



Achieve Financial and Operational Objectives with Intuitive Dashboards and Insightful Analytics

With a wide range of features based on industry best practices, the Greenbyte asset performance management (APM) platform helps owners, operators, and asset managers hit the ground running with intuitive dashboards, flexible reports, and a powerful API. Greenbyte aggregates and harmonizes data from a wide variety of sources into a single, powerful platform.

Guarantee you’re on track to achieve financial and operational objectives with intuitive dashboards to visualize key trends and metrics, insightful analytics to reveal cost savings, and the tools to make data-driven decisions. Al-based predictive analytics unlock a proactive approach to asset health management, with analytical tools to help you pinpoint areas for optimization, ensuring optimal portfolio performance.

The modern, control-room-style view lets you easily monitor large portfolios. And you can put a system of custom alerts on 24/7 watch, notifying you immediately when indicators of critical events arise. Task management tools to help coordinate and execute critical activities help your team stay organized and on track.

Services & Support

Speed Time-to-Value and De-Risk Your Digital Transformation with Implementation Support and a Dedicated Customer Success Team

Power Factors’ Implementation team accelerates time-to-value and de-risks your transition to a fully digital solution. Benefits include:

  • Implement using a “fit-in-place” rather than “rip-and-replace” approach
  • Audit and rectify preexisting field issues through documentation review
  • Create asset hierarchy and metadata frameworks to support analytics and governance
  • Conduct system acceptance tests (SAT) designed to ensure data quality that withstand the rigors of financial and compliance reporting

Our Customer Success team makes sure that you derive value for the life of the project through focused troubleshooting and training as well as providing customer feedback to our engineering teams to guide the Power Factors roadmap. Benefits include:

  • Dedicated customer success manager (CSM) understands unique business challenges
  • Support adoption through focused guidance and training
  • Create dashboards, reports, and displays aligned with business processes
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure value as industry, technology, and business conditions evolve