Power Factors & AWS

Powered by AWS, Power Factors provides the renewable energy community with the purpose-built asset management and operations solutions they need to get the most out of their assets — from development through decommissioning.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing
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Trusted Data Infrastructure

Power Factors leverages AWS to connect data from each site to the cloud reliably and accurately, creating trusted data in the system of record.

High-Value Outcomes

Power Factor’s applications leverage high-quality data streams to allow renewable energy asset owners, managers, and operators to drive high-value outcomes.

Reduced Costs
& Complexity

Power Factor’s solutions help reduce costs and decrease complexity, enabling easy customer scaling and predictable pricing.

“When you’ve got your foundation set and you know you’re reliably getting actionable data in the hands of the right people, you can keep evolving. Now we’re working with Power Factors at a higher level and going after smaller percentages of losses.”

Jeremy Law, Vice President, Commercial Asset Management at Longroad Energy

“When we are selling our management services, we use Greenbyte as a selling point because it is accessible to our customers by mobile app — and online, of course.”

– Ventolines

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