Real-Time Monitoring and Controls for Reliable and Secure Renewable Plant Operations

Stay on Top of Your Operations with Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Cutting-Edge Controls

Stay in control of your operations with our enterprise SCADA system and asset-specific power plant controller (PPC) solutions. Offering unparalleled flexibility and a uniform approach to the operation of renewable energy power plants, our SCADA and PPC provide everything you need for seamless grid integration and efficient market participation — as well as all the necessary tools to maximize capacity and speed, minimize latency, and optimize operations.






Modular & Extensible Architecture

Our scalable, highly available IT infrastructure makes it easy to add new services and data sources and supports equipment from multiple vendors — inverters, power meters, weather stations, energy storage systems, and more.

Real-Time Monitoring

Enhance performance and reduce OPEX with real-time performance monitoring, accurate fault recognition, and user-driven control. We use data streaming techniques applied down to one-second intervals so you always have your finger on the pulse of your operations.

Grid Compliance & Plant Control

Optimize operations with dynamic, on-demand controls for PV, storage, and hybrid plants. Our plant control solutions manage all parameters with fast response times to ensure utility grid stability.

Grid Integration Interface

We provide native support for most standardized solar plant buses as well as proprietary protocols that may be used for grid integration.

PPC Dual Dynamic Redundancy

We build in redundancy — implemented either by duplication of the control unit within a power plant controller or by a second separate PPC — so you can always count on system reliability.

High-Availability Servers

High-availability servers provide redundancy and fault tolerance. Reliable utilization ensures minimum downtime, load balancing, failover servers, and a backup system.

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