No Internet? No Problem. Drive O&M Offline Mode Now Available 

Working in remote areas with no internet? Drive O&M Offline Mode allows you to access critical site and work order information even when you're offline.

No Internet? No Problem. Drive O&M Offline Mode Now Available 

by Power Factors

As a field technician in renewable energy, you’re often working in remote areas with no Wi-Fi or patchy cell service. This makes it difficult to access or update important information about the plant or the task you’re there to complete.  

That’s where Drive O&M Offline Mode comes in. Offline Mode is a new feature that is now available to all Drive O&M users. It allows you to access and update critical site and work order information — no matter where the day takes you. 

What is Offline Mode? 

With Offline Mode, you can view site and work order information and complete tasks and inspections even when you’re disconnected from the internet. Just input data into the Drive O&M app as usual. That data is stored locally on your device and synced to the server when your internet connection is restored. 

Access and update the following with Offline Mode — even when you’re not online:  

  • Site information: View and update site instructions and documentation 
  • Work order information: View and update priority, problem, initial estimated hours, job status, completion notes, and FCA Codes; upload images while offline 
  • Work task information: View and update percent complete, due date, and instructions 
  • Work assignment information: Log start and end time, work type, and add comments 
  • Inspection information: View inspection step and capture results 
Technicians working outdoor at wind power plant.

How does data storage and syncing work when I’m offline? 

Wondering how offline data storage and syncing works? When you’re connected to the internet, Drive O&M records automatically sync with your mobile device every ten minutes. If your device goes offline, any updates you make in the app during the time you’re offline will be saved to the device and the record will be designated with a provisional number. For example, a temporary Work Order record would appear as WO-TMP001 on the device while offline. 

Once the device reconnects with the internet, your changes automatically will be synced to the servers and the temporary record number will be replaced by a permanent WO record number. And you’ll be able to verify that all changes you have made to records while offline have been propagated to the Drive O&M org by clicking on the Data Sync button at the bottom of the screen. 


Need the ability to access and update critical site and work order information even when you don’t have service? Drive O&M Offline is for you.

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