Introducing: Power Factors Learning

Power Factors Learning is an online learning platform designed to empower our customers with the tools they need to harness the full potential of Power Factors products.

Introducing: Power Factors Learning

by Power Factors

We are excited to announce the launch of Power Factors Learning, an online learning platform designed to empower our customers with the tools they need to harness the full potential of our products.

What is Power Factors Learning?

Power Factors recently launched a new service called Power Factors Learning, an online learning platform where customers can participate in courses designed by industry experts to increase their knowledge of Power Factors products. 

Power Factors Learning, or PF Learning, employs an incremental method of learning, beginning with foundational and conceptual knowledge, and building proficiency through increasingly advanced modules. 

How Does Power Factors Learning Work?

Within PF Learning, there are two types of training modules: online courses, which contain bite-sized lessons, and curriculums, which are curated lists of online courses. The catalog displays available modules, and learners can self-enroll in whichever course or curriculum they are interested in. 

To promote knowledge retention, PF Learning courses adopt a multimedia approach, combining interactive e-learning modules, and videos, and can be used in parallel with product documentation.

Curriculums often end with a quiz, which helps learners assess knowledge retention and reflect on the content of the lessons. Once a curriculum is completed, learners receive a certificate and are awarded competencies, which identify learners as having reached a certain level of proficiency, unlocking additional courses.

The interface is easy to navigate, with intuitive icons for a smooth learning experience. 

Are Course Schedules Flexible?

The Power Factors team understands that scheduling time for learning opportunities can be challenging. With that in mind, PF Learning was developed with on-demand accessibility allowing customers to educate themselves at their own pace, at a time most convenient for them, so they get the most out of Power Factors’ products and reduce time-to-proficiency. 

Which Products Currently Offer Courses?

As of August 2023, PF Learning offers courses on Drive and BluePoint, with Drive O&M, Greenbyte, and Unity CMS courses currently in development. 

But we’re just getting started! The platform’s course offerings will continue to expand regularly, with new lessons released throughout the year, ensuring that learners stay at the forefront of industry developments.

How Can I Access PF Learning?

To sign up for PF Learning, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to request access.

We’re also open to input and suggestions for new course ideas; feel free to send us an email at training@powerfactors.com – we value every idea and opinion. 

Watch the video to take a quick tour of Power Factors Learning and discover what you can learn!

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