Product Spotlight – April 2024

Welcome to the Power Factors Product Spotlight. A roundup of new product features and enhancements designed to give you unparalleled control over your data.

Product Spotlight – April 2024

by Power Factors

Welcome to the Power Factors Product Spotlight. A roundup of new product features and enhancements to existing functionality designed to give you unparalleled control over your data.

April’s product features empower you with the tools to simplify and automate tedious tasks, saving time and boosting the efficiency of your clean energy projects. From navigating new solar reporting requirements with Drive to gaining enhanced control over data management with BluePoint, here’s what’s new: 

New Product Features and Enhancements:

  • Automated GADS Reporting – Drive  
  • Bi-Directional API – BluePoint

Automated GADS ReportingDrive 

Our latest enhancements to our Drive asset performance management solution include our automated Generating Availability Data System (GADS) reporting function for projects with solar assets.  

Designed to help asset owners and operators meet the new requirements mandated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) with confidence, Drive turns an otherwise complex and time-consuming task into an automated, streamlined process.  

Drive takes the hassle out of data collection by gathering all the necessary information and performance metrics, organizing and standardizing it according to NERC’s standards, and validating it to identify any anomalies or discrepancies.  

Once the data is processed and validated, Drive generates comprehensive GADS reports that users can then customize according to their specific needs, such as selecting specific periods, generating ad-hoc reports, or drilling down into detailed data for further analysis. 

With a complete audit of reporting activities, Drive ensures transparency of all actions taken during the NERC GADS reporting process, helping organizations demonstrate compliance during regulatory audits. 

By staying ahead of compliance with Drive, customers can focus on what matters most—maximizing performance and operational efficiency. 

Interested in learning more about Drive’s new GADS reporting feature? 

*If you’re a Drive customer, check out the User Guides in the Power Factors Knowledge Base.

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Bi-Directional APIBluePoint

BluePoint now offers a read-write API for bi-directional data exchange, allowing users to retrieve and send information to other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and manipulate their data directly through the API, bypassing the need to navigate through BluePoint’s interface.  

This new functionality gives users greater control and increased efficiency in data management, streamlining operations, and reducing reliance on manual tasks. 

The new BluePoint API gives users the ability to customize tasks according to specific business needs, accommodating a wide range of use cases and evolving requirements. Seamless integration with other applications means your data is consistent and up-to-date across platforms, while automation capabilities help minimize errors and reduce the need for manual intervention.  

And, with direct API access, users can make real-time updates to their data without delay, a valuable capability for applications where timeliness and accuracy of data are critical, such as in financial transactions.  

BluePoint’s API covers fundamental aspects such as Plants, and Locations, with Events coming in the next few weeks, and other endpoints in the pipeline.  

BluePoint’s new bi-directional API provides a practical approach to data management by eliminating cumbersome processes and enabling users to embrace a more streamlined approach to data management. 

Interested in learning more about BluePoint’s new bi-directional API?

*If you’re a BluePoint customer, check out the following Release Notes.

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