Product Spotlight – October 2023

Welcome to the Power Factors Product Spotlight. A roundup of new product features and improvements to existing functionality designed to give you unparalleled control over your data.

Product Spotlight – October 2023

by Power Factors

Welcome to the Power Factors Product Spotlight. A roundup of new product features and improvements to existing functionality designed to give you unparalleled control over your data.

Our October product spotlight brings you powerful new Greenbyte features and enhancements designed to streamline your operations, provide deeper insights, and drive efficiency. Here’s a glimpse of what’s new:

New Greenbyte Features Roundup:

  • Enhanced Alerts and Tasks Integration
  • Smarter Capacity Planning
  • Enhanced Wind Energy Insights
  • Tips & Tricks

Enhanced Alerts and Tasks Integration

Your Path to Smoother Workflows 

Managing alerts and tasks just got a whole lot easier with our enhanced integration. We understand that prioritizing alerts and handling tasks efficiently are crucial to your success. Here’s how we’re making this process simpler and more streamlined:

1. Seamlessly Link Alerts and Tasks: When your team is responsible for identifying problems and making sure they’re addressed, the more seamless the workflow the better. Now, with Greenbyte’s enhanced alerts and task integration, you can create, view, edit, and comment on tasks directly from the Alerts widget, ensuring the right information is communicated to the right people and problems are solved faster. 

Tasks can also be linked directly to alerts with a few clicks, ensuring that everyone on your team knows which alerts are tied to specific tasks. 

2. Prioritize with Precision: Not all alerts are created equal, and, when you’re trying to stay on top of many alerts at once, prioritization is critical. That’s why we added a new Severity field, allowing you to categorize alerts from 1 (critical) to 5, so you can focus your resources where they matter most.

Smarter Capacity Planning

New Features, More Control 

Efficient capacity planning is essential to the success of your renewable energy portfolio. Our latest enhancements provide more control and better insights:

1. New Signals for Capacity and Availability Planning Deviations: If deviations in your production capacity and system availability are causing uncertainty, our new analysis and tracking signals can help. With these enhancements, you can quickly identify discrepancies and take proactive measures, providing you with the clarity you need to optimize your planning efforts.

2. Expected End Timestamp for Stop Statuses Included in Availability Planning Signals: Managing outages in availability planning can sometimes feel like an endless cycle of creating tasks and planning downtime.

To simplify this, we’ve incorporated the Expected End Timestamp for Stop statuses into our availability planning signals. If a device has an active Stop status code with an Expected End timestamp later than the calculated End Time timestamp, it’s considered 100% unavailable. This new feature makes it easier for users to manage unplanned outages without having to create a new task or schedule a new downtime.

3. Remaining Capacity (%) for Planned Downtime: When it comes to planned downtime, we understand that precision is vital. With our new Remaining Capacity field, you can now specify the exact remaining capacity in percent during planned downtime periods. This level of clarity helps you make the most of your resources, ensuring no time or energy goes to waste. 

Enhanced Wind Energy Insights

Data Studio Analysis Updates 

We’ve revamped our Data Studio to empower you with unmatched precision in wind energy analysis:

1. Data Studio Filters: Refine your wind insights with pinpoint accuracy. New Data Studio filters allow you to drill down further to get to the root cause of underperformance. Filter data based on Status Code, Status Category, and Contract, ensuring your wind plants function at peak performance.

2. Power Curves per Wind Direction Sector: Wind energy generation isn’t one-size-fits-all. The direction of the wind determines how turbines and sites perform. With this tool, you can now visualize how your turbines and sites are affected by different wind directions. Create customized power curves to maximize energy output even in dynamic wind conditions.

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Tips & Tricks

Exports from the Greenbyte Status Log

Did you know you can now export data from the Status Log in Greenbyte? By clicking the new Export Data button, a prepopulated form with your filter selection(s) will appear. From there, you can replace the data in the prepopulated fields and change the default settings if desired. Learn more!

Greenbyte Metadata Widget on Device and Wind Turbine Level

Did you know the Metadata widget can now be added to dashboards at the device- and turbine-level? Select the metadata you wish to see in the widget for easy access to detailed information such as OEMs, SLAs, Asset Types, Capacity, or Models. Learn how to add it here!

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